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F-1 Student Visa is an informational website dedicated to providing essential information about F-1 Foreign Student Visas. This website is developed and maintained by BIR Training Center, a language and career education center, for use by its prospective students or any international student considering the pursuit of education in the United States of America.

Becoming part of the more than 640,000 international students studying in the United States is exciting! F-1 Student Visa is here to inform you about applying for and maintaining your F-1 Student Visa status. This site provides information on changing your visa status and transferring to a new school while studying on your visa. For a list of the terms and definitions associated with F-1 Visa an F-1 Visa index is provided. Be sure to also check out the useful links page for other sites dealing with student visa and international education.

Applying From Abroad

If you are applying for an F-1 Student Visa from your home country, you will begin by selecting a school in the U.S. where you want to study and applying to the school.

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Changing Visa Status

Already in the U.S. on a temporary non-immigrant visa and are looking to change from your current status to an F-1 student visa status.

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If you wish to transfer to another institution while studying on an F-1 student visa

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Education at BIR Training Center

BIR is experienced at helping international students obtain the necessary credentials to study English in the United States to become fluent in the language of choice in international business and science.

About BIR

BIR is located in one of the United States most populous and culturally diverse cities.

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Our Programs

BIR Training Center's programs have three components: lecture, content-based workshops and individual learning.

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Learn English. Experience Chicago.

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